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^ Banned, for glittering pores
Banned for bickering.
Banned for snickering.
Banned for cosplaying as a Snickers bar.
Banned, for throwing a three word baseless allegation at the user above you
Banned for meta-posting.
Banned for not going beyond meta-posting.
Banned for not progressing into the next stage with your metamorphosis into a Splayd.
Banned because a metamorphosis is supposed to transform a person into a giant insect.
Banned, for spinning the threads of this forum into a cocoon
Banned, because monsters like giant spiders are entertaining and a welcome addition to our forum, you can't just ban them.
Banned for training the giant spiders for an unknown but certainly malicious purpose.
Banned for selling giant spider meat, calling it chicken.
Banned for changing the subject to spiders when I was talking about insects, and spiders are arachnids of course.
Banned, because giant spiders are way cooler than giant bugs.