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Banned for considering that answer as a positive, because two negatives....
Banned for having spare electrons in your hydrogen!
Post edited November 26, 2020 by MichaelD.965
Banned, for not sparing electrons to needy atoms
Banned for being filled with hydrogen.
Banned for excreting carbon dioxide.
Banned for toking on the Nitrous Oxide...
Banned, for going one toke over the line
Banned for measuring distances from lines using a toke as a standard unit.
Banned under the code of Standard Weights and Measures.
Banned for weighing distances and measuring the volume of time.
Banned for measuring time in "whizzes," or, the average time that it takes for you to urinate.
Banned for not recommending to use "soon" as a time measurement.
Banned, for collecting broad and general terms currently utilized to describe the passing of time and converting those dileniations into clearly defined and precise chronological measurements.
Banned for something that happened earlier. This had to happen sooner or later.
^ Banned for leaving out the more gruesome details of that incident.