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Banned for eating bugs and trying to get others to do the same.
Banned for trying to break the food chain.
Banned for trying to saw the food chain, but just wearing off the teeth on the saw.
Banned for having sore teeth, and wearing food on a chain...
Banned, because that sounds like you accuse him of being a cannibalistic monster who keeps the flesh of butchered forum members (made into sausages) on a chain around his fat belly. Such accusations can't be made without good proof.
The proof is that you allowed the human sausage to ferment until it became 173 proof.
Banned, because I have no idea what "173 proof" is. I think you just made that up, so I will have to think all night about it, without ever coming up with an answer.
Banned for not knowing basic booze jargon.
Banned for not pouring a glass of wine to go with my cheese.
Banned, for "wineing" about such a trivial thing
Banned for punny use of a pun.
Banned for pointing something out.
Banned for thinking that it's okay to keep some things unnoticed.
Banned for being a killjoy. Ignorance is bliss!
You should be banned for answering the question, "Aren't ignorance and and apathy negative factors?" with, "I don't know and I don't care."