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Banned for disgusting use of a wax machine.
Banned for turning wax on, and then turning wax off.
Banned for getting a "Brazilian Wax"
Banned for attacking people with his staff on an unspecified brazilian beach.
Banned for snipe-poaching in the Black Woods
Banned for sniping at snipes.
Banned, for snapping at snoopy snipe snipers
Banned for 360 no scope.
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Banned for 24/7 no pants.
Banned for bringing up pants. Why can't you just let a man be free?
Banned, because restraint is necessary.
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Banned, because either restraint, or pants may drop
Banned for not wearing a belt.
Banned because seat belts kill more people than they save.
Banned because I don't understand your forum title.

And whoever plans on banning me next with the reason of me not bothering to use Google Translate, let me answer you now. I'm lazy.