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Banned for not knowing what to do.
Banned for not being supportive.
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Banned for being too fickle to be refurbished.
Banned for being too refurbished to be fickle.

Edit: that was rude, I apologize.
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Banned for apologizing for rudeness.
Banned for rude apologies.
Banned, and your actually banning may be suspended for an indefinite period of time until a specific reason is disclosed to you.
Banned for not disclosing.
Banned for not posting, "banned for nondisclosure," the wording is better
Banned for a hundred grand.
Banned for grand theft.
Banned for automating the grand theft.
Banned, for not mentioning the repeated disappearance of KiNgBrAdLeY
Banned for alternating capitalization, which only encourages him.
Banned for porking.