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Banned for thinking that Fiona can sing, even though I don't know who Fiona is, and you didn't specify which Fiona you're talking about, which is another reason why you're banned.
Shoot man, you're banned for not watching Shrek. :/
Banned, because Shrek is just an ugly ogre who needs to be slain by one of our resident knights.
Banned for thinking that a chess piece can kill an ogre.
Banned for being an evil wizard and for transforming le_chevalier and Vingry into chess pieces.
Banned, because Check and Mate
Banned for wanting to mate your opponent and demanding check payment.
Banned because can you think of a better way to end a conflict than to fall in love?
Banned for overlooking nuclear weapons.
Banned, for overclocking nuclear reactors
Banned because there all ways gaming on the epic store ......
Banned, because the Epic store is a rival of our beloved Gog. We should equip a raiding expedition, loot Epic and burn it to the ground! For Gog and glory!
Post edited September 29, 2020 by morolf
Banned for spurring us to the impossible.
Banned because I miss the show Kim Possible. Shego was my favourite.
Banned because my early childhood highlights were Beast Wars and Extreme Ghostbusters.