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^ Banned, for not using that Canadian Club on him

jsidhu762: Banned for choosing Jim Beam over the superior Southern Comfort.
^ Banned for not selecting Jack Daniels (black label) Tennessee Sipping Whiskey over Southern (cough syrup) Comfort
Banned because "Where's the rum?" Specifically, Kirk & Sweeney (23 Years)
Banned, because the Scotch Whisky is in the way (The Balvenie 21 Year Old Port Wood Finish). I'll move it for you.
Banned for drinking wood-flavored beverages, and for being a beaver (feel free to comment on that).
banned for not drinking protein shakes at every meal
Banned because i'm a bit cranky

Unbanned because protein shakes ftw
Banned because July was cranky month, August is apathetic month. So stay or whatever, I don't care.
Banned, because "August, die she must
, the Autumn winds blow chilling cold."
Banned for not informing the public that KingBradley7 was killed in a skirmish with Bookwyrm627.
Banned for reminding me of the old game Scorched Earth.
Banned because I can't tell exactly whether the dragon in your profile picture is actually asleep or just laying down with its eyes open. *approaches the dragon stealthily with my trusty longsword ready*
Banned, for not knowing that the dragon is generally friendly by nature and is keeping an eye on you
Banned for not mentioning the large fanbase ZyloxDragon actually has, a few years ago I was asked to paint someone like a french dragon or something like that.
Banned because you shouldn't paint animals, but you can cover them with glitter.
I ban you and your glitter, for it's the worst pollutant to ever be some kind of pleasant.