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Banned for indifference.
Banned because the opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.
Banned, for actually making sense in this silly little thread
Banned for I wish to use the word poppycock in a ban!
Banned because I'd rather say cockypop instead.
Banned because my love life is terrible. I guess you can say I'm a cock without a hen.
Banned because no woman/man/other no cry.
Banned for being a Buffalo Soldier.
Banned for not pointing out obvious misinterpretation of No Woman No Cry.
Banned for... Jammin' and hoping we like jammin' too.
I ban you and your jams for better traffic and dry bread!
Banned for crummy trafficking.
Banned for trafficking the mummies of Ackhenaten and Tutackhamun.
Banned for selling embalming fluid as eternal life potions.
Banned for using school glue to close surgical wounds.