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Banned for advocating the release of keyboards. They are not equipped to survive in the wild.
Banned because I never thought of it that way
low rated
Banned so you can THINK AGAIN
Banned because I'm tired and don't want to think more than I have to
Banned for thinking you are a tire.
Banned, because JakobFel didn't say that he's a tire. He said that he's wheeled. He's rolled so far today.
Banned, for for not understanding that's just the way he rolls....
Banned because I spin, I don't roll
Banned for rolling a natural 20.

Edit: banned because I got ninja'd, but my ban still stands.
Post edited July 13, 2020 by jsidhu762
Banned for being lucky.
Banned for not noticing how Jsidhu762 got lucky. He was wearing horseshoes!
Banned, for forum "horseplay"
Banned, for forum "sheepwork".
Banned because I think it's about time for you to change that forum title of yours. It's so 2014..
Banned because I can.