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Banned for being a Darksider.
Banned, for being a night rider
Banned for being a wizard
Banned for being a Jedi
Banned for being force sensitive, yet still undecided in the matter of choosing between joining the jedi or the sith.
Banned, for stealing Vingry's armor and his account
Banned because I appreciate you for remembering my old name.
Banned for not telling us where the missing half of the bracelet was.
Banned for not confessing to us about what you've done to "The One".
Banned, because dragons do as they please and don't feel obligated to address the rather petty concerns of lesser beings
Banned for downplaying Alduin's crimes.
Banned because Alduin did nothing wrong.
Banned, because it is uncertain as to whom you are "alluding"
Banned because this Alduin exchange might drag on.
Banned, because we're "all-doin'" this