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Banned because ninjas are useless, with modern tech lying around; you are banned together with them and no mistake, the last real master refused to take disciples in and is now in his sixties!
Banned... for disrespecting ninjas
Banned because you haven't earned the respect a ninja deserves, if you can't show that you're capable of camouflaging your appearance and hiding your identity.
Banned because concealment is only the most basic skill a ninja should have; you have to be like a special agent and the major five, are: infiltration, information gathering, sabotage, manipulation and assassination, NOT fights!

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Banned for continuing the ninja discussion
Banned for casting a charm spell to keep us from talking about the... the... n.... arrrggh!

Dammit wizard!
low rated
Banned via c-c-c-combo breaker!
Banned, because "nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"
Banned because it was a Spanish Question, not inquisition
^ Banned, because you are wrong!
Banned because that depends on facing.
banned for face-timing!
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Banned because I'm wrist timing with my watch.
Banned because I'm waist timing with my BMF belt.
Banned for "waisting" time with a BMF belt