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Banned because TMs are reusable, but the better ones are now one use TRs.
Banned, for overuse of acronynms
Banned because you make no sense and are a dirty pervert (based on what you write in make a baseless alegation)
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^ Banned because his acronynm stood for "Banned For Offensive Underuse Of Acronyms." or some such similar
Banned because you need to BYOB: Bring Your Own Bans.
Banned for tricking users to click on bad links banning themselves.
^ Banned, for tricking users to lick flagpoles at temperatures well below freezing
Banned for tricking users in to tricking other users.
Banned for tricking yourself into tricking other people.
Banned for trick or treating in the springtime.
^ Banned, because you still have yet to put away your Christmas tree... from 2017
Banned because that's a baseless allegation. You're in the wrong thread.
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Banned because, instead of the miracle i were expecting for my other, local, precious Star-Chan to return, the Death-Star activated, instead...
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Banned, because the difference between StarChan and Star-Chan is minimal