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Banned because that's why there are prostitutes.
Banned because (new gen) prostitutes are almost completely unable to feel any sort of love/tenderness/compassion, especially those who are on drugs (psychotropics); and even if there was one by some wild chance, other prostitutes do rip her a new one, just because they are intolerant to superior humans, plus many of them hate their very own clientele (and sometimes, they undertake jobs to undermine and sabotage said clientele, even).
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Banned for being an expert on prostitutes psyche.
Banned because you are a doc and not only you shouldn't discriminate... But on the contrary, venture into the lowest of places and study psyche of all specimen types. Although you are a generous doc, i must temporarily ban you, so as to reflect upon yourself, do an 180 degrees turn, enter the field in person and conduct all necessary experiments.
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Banned because participating in a "hands on" field research "study" dealing with practitioners of the "oldest profession on Earth" would be paradise for many, yet not Doc0075
Banned because science requires sacrifices, oh wizard!
Banned because, "Death Before Dishonor."
Banned for dishonoring Death with your ill-thought out offerings.
^Banned for not playing Hooyah's other forum game today(which I just bumped 15 minutes or so ago :))
Banned for practicing necromancy.
Banned for shamelessly promoting my other forum game(s) and by the way... thank you

Banned for thanking the person whom you just banned.
Banned because that's just what I'd expect a cartoon nihilist to say. Incidentally, why do you hate monkeys so much?
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Banned for being a monkey.