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Banned for participating in the dissemination of discriminatory anti-astronaut propaganda
Banned because cosmonauts is a cooler sounding name.
Banned because a couple of friends recently applied to a school of cosmetology, after reading your post, so that they could travel into outer space.
Banned because you can into space.
Banned because you spaced into a can.
Banned because you spaced out while staring at a can
Banned because all of this talk of space and astronauts is a weird coincidence, because I just posted the word "astronaut" in One word at a time.
Banned for using that word again.
Banned for locking yourself in a box and electrocuting yourself again.
Banned for Splicing yourself into Houdini type.
^ Banned for trying to place HMA in a tight straitjacket and enclose him in a locked small cylindrical tank filled with water and expecting a miraculous escape
Banned because, right here and right now, you my good wizard are hereby ordered, to provide me with a miraculous escape!
Post edited February 22, 2020 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
^ Banned and "corpus evanescet!" you have now also "disappeared."
Banned as I still see his avatar... wait, I forgot I "Illuminis Totalis" earlier.
Banned for being a member of the illuminati.