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Banned for being the Native American bastard child of Michael Bay.
Banned for marginalizing a minority group
Banned because I did no such thing.
^Banned for not margarineilizing enough...or butterlizing enough either.
^ Banned for making up "new words" that aren't in any Dictionary of the English Language, such as this is NOT allowed in the fora at GOG!
^Banned for not recognizing the one exception to that rule: I, the one and only DICTIONARIO! Fall before me, mere peasants, and stand in awe of my word making powers!

Word of the day: Blunderbust
Post edited January 26, 2020 by GameRager
Banned for unmasking your true identity. I now summon Captain Alphabet to battle his rival!
^Banned for not having the required 7 power rings of ZZ-top

Word of the day: Alberttross
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^ Banned for not having grown up in the same part of Houston as Billy Gibbons
^ Word of the Day: Farscapeneugen
^ Banned for hybridizing a word from an archaic advertising campaign for Volkswagen with Farscape
^Banned for not telling me what word that volkswagon one was(I just picked the ending cuz it sounded cool).

Unbanned if you tell me what I want to know. :)

Word of the Day: Januphobic
Banned for not knowing about fahrvergnugen
Banned for playing more games than me this month.
^Banned for playing too few(possibly 0) games this month ;)

Hooyaah: Banned for not knowing about fahrvergnugen
I was actually thinking of farfigneugen(or however it's spelled). :)