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Quintuple banned because I want to see how high we can go with these bans.
Autobanned for attempting to bypass drmed ban antitamper for multiple bannings.
Banned because I lost track of the antitamper and antianitamper wires.
Banned for being too drunk to spell properly.
Banned for tripping over a trip wire
Banned for using wireless for gaming. For shame!
Banned for wearing a wire
Banned for using a wireless wire.
^Banned for not trying toastless toast

EPurpl3: Banned for telling a Shit legend about the Dark Lord of the Shit.
You must be dyslexic cuz that story was awesome. :D

(Note if you or anyone IS dyslexic know I mean nothing against such people with this:))
Post edited January 21, 2020 by GameRager
Nndab fro lyxiseda.
Banned because if there is a sequel to LA Noire, it should be called New York Blanche.
Banned because the producers decided to branch out and create the series Twilight.
Banned for I can see Twi'lek vampires dancing in Jabba's Palace in my head now.
Banned for being Pizza the Hutt.
Banned because Papa John is everyone's dad.