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Banned because it should be classified as an aversion, not an allergy... but I like the way you think
^Banned for admiring people's thoughts from the safety of this very thread

Hooyaah: ^ Banned for inventing the idea of anthropomorphizing animals in cartoons to increase their appeal among people, particularly innocent and impressionable children
I wonder how many of us had our awakenings due to various animated films(human or non human)? :|


jsidhu762: Banned for thinking that I'm innocent.
Post edited December 09, 2019 by GameRager
^ Banned for removing all doubt of Jsidhu762's lack of innocence.
Banned for ever having any doubt of Jsidhu762's lack of innocence.
^ Banned for not wishing to believe the best of people until they give you good reason not to
Banned for posting within a minute of myself.
Banned for much the same reason
Banned because DOWL is Lost in Canada and you didn't help him find the way ^^
Banned for being lost in Austria... and breathing fire on people who try to give you directions.
Banned for banning a fellow "New User."
Banned for not enlightening new users with your so called wisdom.
^ Banned because you should recall that wisdom cannot be taught by another, it must be learned individually via life's difficult lessons, mistakes, and failures.
Banned because all those words are making my headache worse.
Banned for not taking some ibuprofen.
Banned for promoting risky medicine.