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Banned for encouraging people to be gay, like Hooyaah.
Banned for keyholing my statement about love to those of the same sex (no offense to those who are gay tho). By love, I was referring to my affection for cats.
Banned for talking of cats without posting pictures...
^ Banned, for loving cats more than you do dogs

jsidhu762: Banned for not using vowels on Wheel of Fortune.
^ Banned, because zyzzyva only has one vowel
Banned for loving dogs more than you do cats
^ Banned for not loving all living creatures equally
Banned for loving dangerous animals that are trying to eat you!
Banned for not being ready with the tranquilizer gun on the safari. Crikey!
^ Banned for reminding me of the avoidable tragedy that was the death of Steve Irwin :(

viperfdl: Banned for talking of cats without posting pictures...
Nice, but I like the pic related cats a tad more ;)
stncldfox.jpg (452 Kb)
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Banned for anthropomorphism.
high rated
^ Banned for inventing the idea of anthropomorphizing animals in cartoons to increase their appeal among people, particularly innocent and impressionable children
Banned for thinking that I'm innocent.
Banned for ending the funny...ness, and thinking that funny is a noun.
high rated
Banned, because i have allergy to made-up pronouns.
Banned because I have allergy to people who can't write their names normally.