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Banned because that is not a pic of me, but of Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz, and also because I already have 2 cats. :)
Banned because you're not in Kansas any more
high rated
Banned because you 're not in Middle Earth any more
Banned because you're still in far away Earth, which is in a parallel universe.
Banned because you 're a fraud who lies about their locale and their account's location; you and yours are in a faraway Earth, buddy!
Banned, for you are as remote as the east is from the west
Banned for being a bearded ninja yet again
KingBradley: Banned as you also use "other" as your location when there's no place with that name good sir!
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Banned because you never wait patiently in the queue and because EVERY place not listed in GOG's options, is "Other".
Banned for waiting in patiently in the queue all your life.
^ Banned for nursing that bottle like a greedy infant at his mother's teet
Banned for being a double ninja

EPurpl3: Banned for not mentioning the words....while mumbling the end of that post
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Banned because you got it all wrong; i had been sitting patiently in the queue and they stole my turn!

Dammnit 3 people stole my queue alreadyyy this isn't happening not again
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Banned because I am secretly one of the ones you complain about every day, and I have your lady friend here as well..mwahahahaha ;)

(The above is a joke btw....I am not serious on this :))
Post edited November 19, 2019 by GameRager
Banned because you know that you were serious and that she is crushing hard on you just now!
Banned for letting him know about that....she's MINE....MINE I tells ya. o.0