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Banned for not taking your meds.
Banned, because I do not employ pharmaceuticals
Banned for not liking the song by Kurtis Blow - The Breaks
Banned for expecting me to like something of which I was previously unaware
Post edited November 14, 2019 by Hooyaah
Banned for not liking anything and everything. You're too critical! :-P
Banned for (inadvertently, perhaps) comparing me to Ebeneezer Scrooge; humbug, I say!
Banned for hiding your true identity; Scrooge McDuck.
Banned, because it would be fun to have a vast pile of cash and coin to roll about in; now you got me wishing and greed is a deadly sin, vile tempter!
Banned for trying to dive headfirst into a huge pile of coins without realizing that they're solid!
Banned because if he really did that, he wouldn't be posting here.
Banned because aliens like you would do anything for a patty melt.
Says the guy who locked himself in a box and electrocuted it. Banned for reckless stupidity!

EDIT: Banned for interrupting me, and for wanting to melt people named Patty.
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Banned because your logic put HMA to shame
banned for mentioning logic on the forums
Banned for using this forum to pick up girls.