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Banned for being a hobo that wanted gold, then complains about it when he gets it.
Banned for being the homeless guy from the end of the Ballad of Gay Tony. You didn't deserve to end up with the diamonds!
Banned for believing that diamonds are a girl's best friend.
Banned for finding that out the *hard* way.
Banned because I'm trying to find a pair of snow boots for $150 and under that doesn't have any fur or leather. I am surprised at how hard this is.
Banned because the DIY scalping or skinning of humans to make boots out of isn't all that hard or expensive. Maybe just a bit risky.
Banned for trapping someone's soul under your foot.
Banned for torturing two "soles" each day that you walk on them
Banned for torturing all of us with your presence :D
Banned for addressing the elephant in the room.
Banned for not addressing the elephant in the room for years (the elephant in the room, i mean, not your wife :D)
Banned because, you banned Star-Chan; even though she isn't the correct star-chan, this is still unforgivable!
Banned for being a anime creep :D
Banned for being THE (tm), anime freak; and most importantly, for neither reflecting nor repenting, on banning a Star-Chan, even though the one here is the wrong one.
Banned for not using the oversized ban hammer on the little freak above you