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Banned because I just banned in your arms tonight.
Banned because it must have been something you banned.
Banned because the something you banned from the someone who had been banned, wasn't actually banned!
Banned because I'm not a witch, despite the fact you dressed me up like one.
Banned because when you're tied to a stake wearing flaming colors, you must be a witch!
^Banned for hating on witches so close to Halloween
Banned for confiscating neighbours' brooms so close to Halloween, whether they can fly or not.
Banned for using your lance to fly instead of a broomstick
Banned because there is no fly, only levitate; and you cannot even meditate!
Banned for staring at me with that stupid eye.
Banned because at least Bradley has a non-generic avatar
Banned for not knowing the true purpose of the non-generic avatar is too blend in and be ninja.
Banned for trying to blend in the surroundings like a ninja with a generic blender running.
Banned for being an amateur ninja who tries to knock people out by hitting them with various kinds of fruit.
Banned for mistaking the Dean for a ninja.