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Banned for chewing sensical gobblecords.
Banned for wearing triangular eyeglasses.
Banned for lancing boils with your equipped jevelin as a Nurse Practioner. It's effective but most dangerous, indeed.
Banned for choosing to upgrade your character to a nurse practitioner in Final Fantasy Tactics and/or Vandal Hearts.
Banned for still being a "new user" after well over one thousand posts
Banned for confusing rep with posts.
Banned for reaping confusion with posts!
Banned for sowing confusion with their posts.
Banned for spreading confusionism with their words.
Banned for spreading the word of the day
Banned for spreading the word of the day sensually slow all over your hairy chest in front of a confused Confucius.
Banned for not waking me from my slumber.
Banned because you are in torpor and no priestess of the Sabbat is currently available, to send a summons for awakening thee; sleep away the century, like a good Methuselah kiddo, will you?
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Banned for eating the apple of lies and deceit and becoming a minion of the evil one
Banned because, the "Black Hand" are the true successors of the "Father" and the ones who got things right! Lies and deception are the tools of the Camarilla scum. Even Wesp added a Sabbat ending, brrrrr!