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low rated
I put a spellllll on youuuuuuuuuuu, and now you're BANNED
You are hereby notified that you are banned because you can neither spell the word "spell" nor the word "you."
Banned because, you don't know how to spell the words: spell, ritual, operation, concecration, exorcism, summon, pact.
Banned for baseless banning.
Banned for putting him in his place... reinstated for the same reason
Banned for not dying dead enough.
Banned for killing the undead, because I don't know what to refer to them as. Are they the dead undead or the undead dead?
Banned for pointing out weird paradoxes.
Banned for being a creepy clown.
Banned because all clowns are creepy as hell, no need to use the word creepy, it's extra.
Banned because it's not entirely true: there are many politicians which look like ordinary people.
Banned for confusing clowns with compulsive lying psychopaths.
Banned because a certain number of clowns are indeed compulsive lying psychopaths.
Banned for being a psychopath having a happy boner compulsively lying to sad hobo clowns playing sad trombones.
Banned for spewing nonsensical gobbledegook