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Banned because the barn was empty; no youthful peasant girl was laying inside, trickster!
Banned because he gave you a cow instead... do what you will.
low rated
Banned for possibly subtly suggesting illegal acts with farm animals

ZyloxDragon: Banned because the rebel alliance was a group of terrorists who blew up a space station full of patriots.
Aside: There were many many non combatants/non fans of the empire that got blown up when the DS(1 AND 2) got blown up, that is also true.
Banned for banning Animal Farm. Four feet good, Two feet bad!
Banned for reputation points.
Banned because I have a comic book joke. Which dynamic duo likes to travel by canoe?...

...Boat-man and Row-bin!
Banned because Scuba Steve might approve.
Banned for inappropriate encouragement
Banned for forged wizard license and being a fake.
Banned for being jealous of Hooyaah since you were not able to even apply for a license due to the horrible use of uppercase letters within your name.
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Banned for hitting that nail on the head so well
Banned because I hope everyone enjoys their thanksgiving day!
Banned because Thanksgiving is not until next month!
Banned for not knowing that it's Thanksgiving day in Canada!
Banned for eating a "turkey" made of Canadian bacon.