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Banned for reading wow upside down and saying mom
Banned for getting a mom tattoo.
Banned because I had already lost count of how many times you changed your profile picture.
Banned because half measures get you nowhere.
Banned for not using fractions.
Post edited September 23, 2019 by le_chevalier
Banned for not using fragmentation grenades/mines; especially the antipersonnel ones, are the best toy a foot infantry soldier, can hope to have on him!
Banned for not properly differentiating mines from grenades
Banned for being a wizard picky about explosives.
Banned for being a laughing clown who should know that wizards love making explosions almost as much as they love parties.
Banned for being a party pooper with exploding diarrhea.
Banned for spiking the punch bowl with fiber laxatives.
This is a legally protected artwork you're using as avatar. This leaves us no choice: You're banned from this site. Seriously.
Well, not right now, because I like Alpha Centauri, too. But next time counts.
Banned for keeping count
Banned because I just lost count.
Banned because I just can't count on you for that reason.