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Banned for making a valid point
Banned for being pointless.
Post edited August 25, 2019 by jsidhu762
Banned for pointing at nothing and with two fingers.
Banned for pointing at everything with your eleventh finger.
Banned for not having spares... (you never know when they might be useful..).
Banned for being a Japanese mobster.
Banned for getting hurt.
Banned for hurtful rhetoric
Banned for... beards.
Banned for listening to Ban-zine by Rammstein.
Banned for not speaking German
Banned for using Mein Kampf as a learning aid.
banned for mentioning a diabolical fascist's self-indulgent writings
Banned for burning books... why not use charcoal on your BBQ?
Banned for being correct in banning someone who was trying to ban you...

Banned for being a ninja...
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