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Banned for ending a sentence with LOL.
banned for doing the same as i did
Banned for not even ending a sentence with a period, and for having a red outline around you, as though you just paint-filled a black background and didn't clean the edges.
banned for makeing me change my pic back to a old one
When the site wants to update
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Banned for being influenceable.
Banned for shaming me.
Banned for being shamable. :-P
banned for ending with a smilely face
Banned because that's clearly a tongue-out face.
Banned because that's clearly a colon, hyphen, and capital P.
Banned for being to smart.
Banned for forgetting a letter.
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Banned for bullying a Dislixic.
Banned for sounding like an Imp from Divine Divinity.
Banned because divine is too much, when referring to divinity.