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Banned for changing your profile picture one too many times.
Banned for not updating us on the status of the other half of your bracelet.
Banned for being an unholy combination of Nintendo mascots. You can't be both! It's unnatural.
Banned for thinking that Nintendo made the Pokemon cartoons.
Banned because Pokemon isn't cartoon; they are anime!
Banned for being a drama lama teenager.
Banned for Reminding me i am not a teenager any more
Banned for reminding me that life is finite (for me at least).
Banned for mortality, even though you display an image of someone who may be immortal.
Banned for judging who may or may not be be immortal.
Post edited July 19, 2019 by flompsy
Banned for not using a code for God Mode.
Banned for wanting just anybody to get immortality.
Banned for being selective with immortality. It should be free and available for everyone, whether they want it or not...
Banned for promoting overpopulation.
banned for careing about the world LOL