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Banned because you've never played System Shock 2.
Banned because, i was shocked 2-ice (twice), by those who say they fight against the system, but are actually promoting it.
banned because i own system shock but never played it yet u have
Banned because i have not played it either.
Banned because "Do not dawdle. I lust for my revenge." (SHODAN)
Banned because nobody seems to have played System Shock 1 and 2 except me. And banned for forgetting that the remake will soon be available!
Banned for reminding me that I tried playing System Shock, but couldn't deal with the nausea-inducing cyberspace.
Banned because cybersex is nice.
Banned for promoting pornography on a gaming site.
Banned because you obviously never watched a *real* "gamergirl" on a broadcasting app/social hub.

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Banned because it amuses me to do so.
Banned for sadism.
Banned for knocking sadism.
Banned for knocking up sadists.