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Banned for not liking Jolly Rogers
Banned for reminding me that Long John Silvers(food chain with seafood) closed shop in my area and I miss the taste.

(Also Morolf is pseudo banned for thinking torrents means piracy by default)
Banned because: Drink and the devil had done with the rest! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Banned for rummaging in Davy Jones' locker.
Banned: because rummaging is good, it just depends on where about's one does it.
To starchan: Banned for not wanting more of this

To trooper: For suggesting one should rummage in someone else's unmentionables...even if tangenitally/indirectly
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Banned for making wrong assumptions. I do want more of that, but in my song titles thread.
Banned for not telling me about that thread, and also because the posts in it make me actually have to look up songs myself instead of linking them with handy URLs. ;)
Banned for not recognizing that hard work is good for you.
Banned for not realizing that we live in a convenience based society & that it's better to work smart than to work hard. :)
Banned for not helping me tend my garden and fertilizing it.
Banned because you should: BURN IT WITH FIREEE!!!
Banned for being a pyromaniac who could set the Gog forum on fire.
Banned for making me remember/have to play this song
Banned for losing your memory and not having with you all the time. Tut tut.