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banned for knowing a good pokemon when they see one
Banned because you forgot the letter d in your username.
Banned because you forgot the letter e in your name.
Banned because you have an M too much in yours.
Banned because today is Friday Junior.
Banned for being old.
Banned for being a casual gamer.
Banned for not understanding that being a casual gamer is the only way to survive the coming gamer genocide.

EDIT: @HeresMyAccount:
I wrote a thread about this some time ago:
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Banned because what the hell are you talking about?
Banned for being Woody Boyd from Cheers.
Banned for being Fraser Crane from Cheers.
Banned! Cheers!
Banned for being inappropriately cheerful about banning other users.
Banned for not buying enough Paradox game DLC.
Banned because Paradox can never have enough DLCs for its games.