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Banned because it's the second time I bump into you. We need more people here.
Banned for stalking the person above you.
Banned, because Stalker was a great game. Therefor stalking ain't a bad thing. Probably even a great thing. But then again, maybe not. But banned nonetheless! D:
Banned because stalking is creepy and unlike me, most people doing it, are bad and have nothing good in mind.
Banned for not being creepy enough for a forums post.
Banned for being sleepy since 2012. (Get some sleep already, will you! :D )
Banned for trying to regulate other people's schedules.
Banned because i prefer things circulating, instead of regulating.
Banned because I prefer things triangulating rather than circulating.
Post edited March 23, 2019 by HeresMyAccount
Banned because I prefer extrapolating rather than triangulating.
Banned because I had to google extrapolating.
Banned because I had to extrapolate Google.
Banned because that was good.
Banned because i am a good boy.
Banned because your avatar hurts my eyes.