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Banned for the Age of Chickens is upon us!
Banned because grilled chicken is forever delicious.
Banned because hamburgers are better by far than chicken.
Banned because a chickenburger could harm your sanity.
Banned because a chickenburger injected with LSD could especially harm your sanity.
Banned because feathered insanity is better than human sanity.
Banned because Atlas shrugged.
Banned for having Prometheus bound.
Banned because, i ended up in a fate worse than Prometheus'.
Post edited March 17, 2019 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
banned for being right
Banned for taking a left.
Banned for making a U-turn.
Microfishd: Banned for making a U-turn.
Banned for not coming back.
Banned for standing on the spot from where Microfishd left.
Banned for watching the spot from which I left. :P