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Banned for thinking that permadeath can be fun... but Megadeth is fun!
Banned because death is a new beginning.
Banned for not teaching me how to hot wire a car.
Banned because you still haven't brought to him a useful pokemon.
Banned for cheating in CS: GO.
Banned for making a false claim.
Banned for denying the ultimate truths which come directly from my mouth!
Banned, because Vingry doesn't play CS:GO; he plays Fortnite!
Banned for not playing Fortnite in a fortnight.
Banned because I tried playing Starcraft Skirmish Mode, got frustrated by the micromanaging and insane A.I., and gave up. Total Annihilation forever!
Post edited February 14, 2019 by oldgamebuff42
Banned because I totally agree with you, and I usually agree only with myself.
Banned because 2 may agree, but 1 is always right.
Banned for overlooking the more important fact that one is always wrong.
Only thing wrong in life, is that somebody gets punished for every good deed done.
Banned for not saying the word "banned".