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Banned because I dare you to eat those crayons and see what happens.
For having an icon that's not much more than a black background.
Banned because that's what happens when you eat all the crayons.
Banned for *talking* about making the future more colorful, but then using only green and light green crayons.
Banned because I can only afford an old green monochrome monitor.
Banned for using a Coleco Vision for the Internet.
Banned because he told me to.
Banned for not having a paper bag on your head.
Banned for not having a paper bag on your ass.
Banned for not recycling the paper bag.
Banned for not helping me search for the other half of my bracelet.
Banned because I found a small jar of something. I don't know if it's candy or medication, so I'll swallow a hand full just to find see what happens.
Post edited January 25, 2019 by jsidhu762
Banned because you want to eat Vingry's half bracelet.
Banned because I wish it was jsidhu762 who was above me, so that I could ban him directly for wanting to eat the other half of my bracelet. But then again, I thank you for telling me.
Banned because I think he'd give it back if he had it.