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Banned for uncovering his identity.
Banned for being named after a sneeze.
Banned for being the main squeeze.
Banned for not liking cheese.
Banned for being lactose intolerant, even though it is 2019.
Banned for being intolerant to lactose intolerant people.
Banned because you fail to realize, that "tolerants" are actually the intolerant ones.
Banned for contradicting yourself, and jsidhu is banned because medical conditions have nothing to do with calendars.
Banned because I have a severe case of manic banning.
Banned for having dementia.
banned because your profile pic creeps me out for some reason
Banned for being easily scared.
banned for not knowing the difference between being creeped out and being scared
Ban him, I'm pretty sure "creeped out" is a gang reference.
virtualdog: Ban him, I'm pretty sure "creeped out" is a gang reference.
banned for not knowing street lingo and context