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Banned because your account is older than mine but you have less rep.
Banned because your account is older than mine but you have more rep.

Edit: Also, his account is not older than yours.
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Banned for seeing through my lies.
Banned because i saw through her lies, but i couldn't resist.
Banned for always being stuck in a daydream about some girl and not capitalizing I.
Banned because I'm drinking some joe.
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Banned for drinking humans.
Banned for not drinking.
Banned for not eating them.
Banned for being a cannibal.
Banned because Lord Soth did nothing wrong.
Banning all elf maidens for Lord Soth.
Banned because in my class, there is another girl that writes in an online magazine, her nick is that of an elf queen and her avatar has blonde hair, even though she in real life has black; also, the elf in her avatar is slim and tender, while she in real life is muscle-toned and buff, with wild face characteristics.
Banned for uncovering your classmate's secret identity.
Banned for being that classmate.