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Banned because now I'm wondering if turkey bacon was someone's attempt to make the "when pigs fly" quote, a reality - from a certain point of view.
Banned for refusing to recognize turkey bacon as best bacon.
Banned for thinking that anything is better than smoked pig meat, but then you probably only eat Canadian bacon anyway, which is basically thinly sliced ham.
Banned for trying to Kevin my bacon.
Banned for Bacon Me Crazy.
Banned for makin' bacon pancakes.
Banned for calling riceballs donuts.
Banned for using a slightly political avatar on a gaming website
Banned for having a phallic nose.
Banned for having a galaxy on Orion's belt
Banned because it's not possible to scale up your avatar.
Banned for censorship on your avatar.
Banned for lacking an avatar.
Banned for gifting too many games.
Banned for banning someone for being extremely generous.