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Since DadJoke007 has already been banned and is now in the "Uncivilized" room alongside other individuals who are spending their years regretting over the shameful acts that they shouldn't have done in the GOG forum, I'll ban you so that you'll get to meet DadJoke007 himself.
Banned because we're all in one of the banned rooms now. Some of us are just at different layers of bandomness.
Banned because this room is the only banned room and you should really run away while you can, altough you may have already been too late
Banned for boxing after Christmas.
Banned for not celebrating MMA Day the day after Boxing Day.
Banned for not celebrating MMO day the day after karate day.
Banned for liking localized Korean grindfest mmos.
Banned for having one rep more than me.
Banned for having one less rep than DavidOrion93.
Banned for gifting more than 300 games to random strangers in a single year. Too much good karma for this forum.
Banned for banning a well respected GOG user.
Banned for only being registered for 2 years.
Banned because you are. Are You?
Banned because I am... wait, No I'm Not!
Banned because my favorite colour is blue. No, yellow!