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Banned for not understanding the original meaning of douche.
Banned for accusing me of vaginal ignorance.
HeresMyAccount: Banned for accusing me of vaginal ignorance.
Banned for replying to this topic more than one time(ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧
Banned because lots of people do that and there's no rule against it. In fact, if we didn't, it wouldn't be nearly as long.
Banned for being a rules lawyer.
Banned for eating the food right out of people's hands.
Banned for making up random excuses to ban someone. How can you sleep at night?!
Banned because you painted Chuchel orange.
Banned for painting the town red.
Banned for not letting me in the mischievous fun.
Banned for not just jumping into the pool of jello.
Banned because Green Jello SUXX!
Banned for using the word "SUXX".
Banned because you SUXX.
Banned because you lost half your bracelet.