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Banned for dictating other people how to roast a pig.
Banned for asking Jeeves.
Banned for asking Wooster.
Banned for asking Hellboy what Hell is like (Duh: he came to Earth as a baby and probably doesn't remember).
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Banned for not using the correct 90s gaming reference.
Banned for.....what the fuck am i banning for?
Banned because only demons are skeletal.
Banned for using the Necronomicon.
Banned for necroing dead threads.
banned because stone cold said so and that's the BOTTOM LINE
Banned for not recognizing the awe of Jesse "The Body" Ventura
Banned because I prefer Elle "The Body" Macpherson.
Banned because everyone knows that George "The Animal" Steele had the most awe inspiring body.
Banned because everyone knows that Sting had the best wardrobe and facepaint.
Banned for confusing Sting with Marilyn Manson.