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Banned for meowing, mooing and/or oinking with a reason.
Banned for informing your mother and your father that you are at Camp Granada.
Banned because there is no buried pirate treasure, in Gran Granada!
Banned because that's not how you capitalize letters.
Banned for being a capitalist.
Banned for unbalanced right parenthesis.
Banned for unbalanced horns, or whatever you have on your head.
Banned for dealing with demons.
Banned for not dealing with demons. They're evil!
Banned because Dr. Brackman called and said you must join the revolution now-or never!
Banned because you got that message from your voicemail and it was dated the 20th of last month!
Banned because I'm Dr. Subtracter!
Banned because I'm Professor Pentation!
Banned because I have a degree in homeopathic medicine.