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Banned for not filing an appeal.
banned for being late for the court of appeals!
Banned for having an ugly avatar.
Post edited March 09, 2018 by oldgamebuff42
Banned for thinking the band Avatar has anything to do with the movie.
Banned because no one thinks that way.
Banned because a kiss is just a kiss.
Banned for giving out an even more absurd reason to ban me.
Banned by an absurd reason.
Banned by a reason for banning.
Banned for lack of specificity.
Banned for being the banner reasoning critic!
Banned for having a DP I cant make out.
Post edited March 10, 2018 by DreamedArtist
Banned because I don't know what DP stands for.
Banned for not knowing that DP stands for "donkey punch".
Banned because in a games related forum, DP mean Damage Points.