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HeresMyAccount: Banned for being a soup Nazi.
Banned for presenting his account
Banned because I'm expecting a package tomorrow.
Banned because I'm still expecting a package that never came.
Banned because we can expect our packages together. We'll be package buddies.
Banned for being fudge packers!
Banned for offering fudge to Alfred Packer!
Post edited March 07, 2018 by finkleroy
Banned because when life hands you lemons, rather than making lemonade, or even milk, you go around the corner and make fudge.
Banned for making a big fuss about fudge.
Banned for feeling like a freak on a leash.
Banned for making a Korn reference!
Banned because I'm playing with my WoW guild again. I really missed those guys.
Banned for starting both your username and forum title with the letter 'J'.
Banned for having a reputation that is composed only of the digit 1.
Banned because that statement no longer applies to me.
Banned because that statement no longer appeals to me.