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Banned for knowing known unknowns.
Banned, because i have caught all Unown with Ultra Balls!
Banned because no one asked about your Pokemon life.
Banned for not caring for ones pokemon life.
Banned for breaking the pokemon rule not to talk about pokemon for it is but a legend that which must not be known for fear the men in black will learn the secret of the pokemon.......
Banned for the most ridiculous possible crossover idea: Pokemon and Men in Black.
Banned for thinking Pokémon and MIB cross over is ridiculous!
Banned for using a fake ID as a rabbit while in a bar.
Banned for mistaking Trump's wig with a rabbit.
Banned because my cellmate keeps checking to see if I'm awake.
Banned because I'm that cellmate you were talking about. You wanna talk bad things about me when I'm not around?
Banned as you butt is going to be in solitaire for a week!
Banned for mistaking solitary confinement for a card game!
Banned because that's the only card game you can play while in solitary confinement!
Banned because unless your cellmate is confined due to stealing from a board game store and without the guards knowing, brought some small board games like mini chess hidden under his/her shirt into the cell, that card game would be the only thing you can play in a confinement. That is, if it's no longer a solitary confinement of course.
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