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Banned for abandoning your post to go camping.
Banned for foiling my plans to raid the thread
Banned for planning to raid the thread.
Banned for threading a raid.
Banned because soon, i join a real raid.
Banned because there is insufficient evidence of what just might come after. But sometimes out of nowhere there's demented sounds of laughter.
Banned because my own laughter will be the one heard last.
Banned because I haven't entered the room.
Banned for being late to the meeting. Enter the room already!
Banned for not showing me what chewing 5 gum is like.
Banned for having gum-filled bulging cheeks.
Banned because i ordered gun-filled bulging containers!
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Banned for planning a mass shooting.
Banned for just stating, and not trying to foil his plan.
Banned for wanting to wrap a plan in foil.