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Clancyl: hi man i m not here to discuss political issues , i just wanna know why is there no chinese language in international server
phaolo: Eh, for this you'd better ask support.
Here everything gets political easily.

Clancyl: china eliminated 7 million absolute poverty by 2010.
phaolo: The problem is that you can't even trust what the government says, because there's no free independent media there to check the information.
Even if 100% true, then, it also depends HOW it eliminated poverty. If it means suicides, prison, overwork to survive, or starving.. that's not a great result.

Clancyl: [..] people are richer
[..] you just know that 911 is terroism but when there is a terro attack in china [..] fighting aginst dictator goverment!
phaolo: Same as above (first sentence).

Clancyl: china built one wall to keep own people from hurt
phaolo: Eh, that's very naive.
If you could at least choose to opt-in, or disagree openly, I could understand a bit, but that's just a complete governmental control over people..

Clancyl: uncle sam built 2 walls
one physical wall against mexico
one trading wall against china, korea...
phaolo: Those are still bad, but at least they're walls against other states, not against their own citizens (the Great Firewall).

Clancyl: people from east under dicatorship. is russia included?
[..] last time i checked putin has been the leader for....i dont know how many but pretty long
phaolo: Yes, because the political opposition and journalists are imprisoned or killed without much repercussions..
And recently there have been even videos about the rigged elections..


Lin545: Just trying to put the train back on the rails.
phaolo: It's useless, he won't be able to find that information here anyway.
I agree with you in some points. HOWEVER,
1. It is OK if one doesn't believe the government, but one should believe what he sees. Personally, I see my friends, neighbors and relatives as well as my family become richer. People starting buying cars. Better living environments are accessible and approachable. The population of China is still in moderate growth, but the natural birth rate is going lower. If poor people should be killed to keep GDP growing, I guess the population increase could not be explained.
2. the great wall. Personally I don't like the wall. But don't just look at its cons. It blocks inners from looking outside, but also prevents outsiders from manipulating inners. People in China are still not educated enough in general. If someone outside the country should start a rumor deliberately, people would be misled by him. If you don't believe that people can be lured to do certain things, just look at any country's presidential campaign(except China, I know you would say China is dictatorship, no campaigns.) Why does only China have this problem? Probably it is because China has too many people. And if you seriously think only China has this problem, please check Facebook. I don't think Mark Zuckerberg should be to blame for, but there are always people with bad intention.
fronzelneekburm: The two of you might want to book a flight to China one of these days and see the day-to-day reality of the Chinese people for yourselves, before you regurgitate the blatant propaganda you've been spoonfed. I'm sure you will be surprised at how the 21st century is already a reality in another part of the world. Of course, "independent" western media doesn't want you to know about that.
phaolo: Well, my parents went there.
The big cities were rich and civilized as you said, but the countryside was very poor.
The villages were small, with sheds and houses made of mud and without any services.. it looked like the worst areas of my country 50 years ago.
Obviously they managed to see only a fraction of such vast territory, but still..

And about the supposed (international and intercontinental!) propaganda, what would even be the point of it?
If only China allowed free press, everyone would be able to witness the real state of the country.. but no, for "some" reason.

Btw, the best dictatorship proof is if you (or anyone else) can openly criticize (in a civil manner) for a while the government and never get in trouble.
I can freely do it, can you do it?
the perspective of ur parents is relatively one-sided,
true, the countryside is pretty shitty
but not all of them are
what ur parents said I've never seen in my life
I am from a small city and around the city, there is a huge countryside
but no one lives in a mud house
nowadays, peasants could build a villa in the countryside but people in Beijing, Shanghai are suffering the expensive cost of an apartment.
but I've heard it from the news, in north-west China, it might my that poor,
besides like my above answer, China has only been developed after WW2
How many years has your country used to become a developed country?
Do the math, tell me how developed China should be?
I have no idea when ur parents visited China but every one or two years when I visit my hometown
there are unaccountable changes
people who live in mud houses always have a chance to go east and work for big factories like the one said above like Foxxcon, even they don't have any school certificates.
They stay in the mud house cause they don't wanna leave their land.
Haven't you heard from your free news that China builds every single year thousands of miles of railroads, highways and normal road?
I am sure there are some reports in your language.
Why do we do that? To connect those stay behind volks!
to bring convenience to the countryside
No one forces them to work on the east side
the press could be not open but not as bad as you think
we still can learn it from internet, tv
yeah, sure, China is not as open as u developed country
after you 've learnt how big differences there are, you would probably shut up?
besides, I always have nooooooooooooo idea what do you guys mean when you criticise our country
just dislike there's a lot of people?
just dislike the "dictatorship"?
or you are just trying to help?
do you ever think about it why is China so "backwards"?
Let me teach you some history here.
I could list at least 8 countries which have invaded China 100years ago,
If your Geolocation is true, then congrats buddy!
Italy has sent 80 men to invade Qing dynasty
Yeah, it just ONE company (military) aside Japanese 20000 units, Russia 10000+units, UK 10000+units, France, US, Germany and Austria-Hungary.
The Qing government was a coward government,
But who gave you the right to beat a coward inside his home and then do a great heist?
What happens if I break into a famous coward's home in the town and then beat, rape, and slaughter their families, loot their precious treasures in the entire home?
I am sure it is illegal, and everyone in the town or maybe even in the country will despise this criminal.
Is there any of these your history book has taught you?
May I ask why no history book has taught you that?
Don't you get curious when you go to the museum, why is there soooooooo many Chinese things storing in an Italian museum?
You think you 've earned it?
Like once I've been to Irland, our tour guide shows me a dragon rope from Chinese emperor.
He sure was very proud, thinking that Irish collector has ability having it.
And whos problem was that?
Who causes backwards development in China?
Chinese people or the invaders?
Who gave us one cent for War reparations?
This country may not be perfect, but every single cell of it was built on our own(or bought on our own乛ᴗ乛)
I am sure now you want Chinese not-free media control to kick in cause the truth u never heard about is hurting you.
You might think that what I've heard are mind control things published by the government,
yeah, like your media does not lead the public opinions.
I thank all of you, for thinking that China is a developed country just because your news is telling you how rich China is and how good is our economy.
The truth is, we are not.
If you d like to help us developing rightful, just give us our treasure back or put your selves in the field like social workers they are also needed in China, everyone who can read this topic has the ability to teach those little girls and boy in the north-west poor area.
like a scientist or a sociologist can always write a paper or article to publish.
If you want to criticize, also write an article or a paper with fully understandable arguments and the aid should be he able to help people not just " I don't like you whatever I just wanna hurt you". This kinds of arguments can be seen in the whole world if you are up to something I am sure someone and sometimes there's gonna be a scholar who will notice your opinion then do something about it.
I am here was just looking for the answer why Gwent has no Chinese in inter. server.
A buddy has told me to file a complaint with the support.
China has tons of problems are waiting for people whos capable of, to resolve them
Those problems are very, completely, utterly difficult and complicated.
For the record, China's area is 31 times bigger than Italy,
People are 22 times more than Italy.
I am not bragging about anything,
just do the math
how complicated would it be to manage that amount of people and that amount of territory?
there s been a lot of things the government hasn't done well
Something can be patched up and some cant.
Does the leader of the Earth USA do every right?
So, why do you give no tolerance to China?
Afterall we are just a country which has begun to industrializing for only 70 years.
China changes a lot, every day.
I just hope that you guys can keep an open mind to see this country
Have a nice weekend.