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I have games throughout a number of services, but I do favor GOG when making purchases. Unless something is exclusive to Steam or has some amazing feature that is just unbelievable, I will just purchase the game on GOG.
FabMan: Argh... why!?!?!
Because you haven't learned about trading yet. Then the word 'buy' would leave your vocabulary.
FabMan: Argh... why!?!?!
MaximumBunny: Because you haven't learned about trading yet. Then the word 'buy' would leave your vocabulary.
FabMan: Argh... why!?!?!

More of a rant than a discussion, but does anyone else look through seeing a game they think they already own and then unhappily sees it in Steam?

Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall are both on Steam, now do I buy Hong Kong via and have my games split or do I keep everything in one place? Decisions.
You should organize your games collection with non-store specific (3rd-party) software.

Imagine if in the days when you still purchased physical media you kept all your physical discs at Best Buy or Toys R Us or wherever and didn't bring them home and put them on your own bookshelf. That's basically what its like in the digital age to "keep all your games in one store".

Recommended software:
* Spreadsheet (Excel, OpenOffice/Libreoffic Calc, etc.)
* Sisimizi Game Cataloger (open source)
* Collectorz Video Game Edition ($$$)
I usually buy a game at first on steam then i will purchase it again when it is on sale on GoG.

I had the same problem with Deponia. I had the first two on steam and the third on GoG
I understand you feelings on this situation
FabMan: eh?
(Psssttt: you can get games for free on Steam. There's a lot of wallet circulating around on the markets and in people's inventories. If you learn how to trade properly, you can harness existing value to get the games you want for free!)

This is the major pitfall of platforms like GOG that require you to spend money on games. On Steam, you can spend other people's money. And in your case you wouldn't have to pay Aussie prices ($90 for $60 games is absurd), well except during price glitches. Like that new One Piece game was $0.69 in your region for a short while. You could have stocked up and sold them for $20+ each (in money or items/wallet). Well, if you were a trader anyway. That would have been a lot of games for free/cheap. :P
FabMan: Why do I buy games on Steam when they are on
Because some sale prices are a fair amount for a rental.
FabMan: I wonder though, if people buy the games from multiple of places on purpose so that places like get their monies?
About 2 years ago I thought to buy games on multiple places to support steam alternative, after steam lock my games for unknown technical reason. Hence I have used Impulse (Gamestop), gamergate, GoG, Humble and such. Then these site shut down to turn into steam key reseller or become regional restricted like gamestop.
I thought to use Desura sometimes for dominions 4 but it seems shutting down.

Now only GoG is left for a viable alternative
there is humble bundle where some devs use its widget to sell DRM free, censor free on their website, and kickstarter games that distribute through it. A limited catalog of DRM free games, and cheap bundles.
Cheers for the suggestions, especially the one with the listing of games.

For my DOS games as a kid I remember disliking how messy it appeared to me. So I made myself batch files that would boot automatically off a floppy disk. It would bring up a menu, around that menu is had a nice border, it had a title and a 'page of pages' at the bottom. The menu would list all my games alphabetically and by pressing 1 to 0 on the keyboard it would load that game with the sound card correctly configured before the game loaded, as I got more games, I would have next page and previous page... That brought some order to the chaos of DOS, that chaos does not compare to the multitude of platforms games can be installed by only system.
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I put low priority on getting a copy on GOG if I already own it on steam. I just wait for a sale as long as the developers support updates here.
I've repurchased a few things here, intending to wean myself off Steam - but then they go and have a sale that can't be beat on games that aren't here, and I end up unwilling to wait around to see if they get here.