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Ashleee: It's true that currently line/paragraph spacing is not supported in game reviews :(

I agree this feature should be added!
It doesn't need to be 'added,' rather it needs to stop being removed. This 'feature' of paragraph breaks was already present on GOG before they wrecked the site for the 10th Anniversary.

At that time it also retroactively ruined all of the reviews that were already present on the site by removing the paragraphs that were present in them at the time when they were originally published.

So if "adding" the feature is only going to apply to newly-published reviews, that would be vastly unfair to everyone who's reviews have already been ruined.

Moreover, GOG removing the paragraph breaks is not the only problem that needs to be fixed back to how it used to be. The 10th Anniversary ruination of the site also retroactively changed the text in all the already published reviews so that the character '&' automatically displays as " & amp ; " (without the spaces that is; I cannot write it without the spaces on these forums, or else the forum won't display what I've written).

As well, GOG customers also need the ability to edit and/or delete their own reviews, if they so choose.

So yes, restoring the paragraph breaks is essential, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Doing that alone wouldn't be enough. GOG needs to fix all the other problems I've mentioned in this post as well, which are equally important.
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Seems like all symbols are delivered as their code, which is normally in the form of & smth ; minus the spaces, but that & is further replaced with its unicode code, \u0026. For other characters it seems to work, for example \u0026#039; is apostrophe, but for itself it doesn't, \u0026amp; shows up as you say, just reads the unicode and not the whole thing.
Big thanks to everyone who has contributed to answering my query, including Team member Ashleee who has taken notice and will hopefully forward this feedback to the relevant people who will hopefully resolve the review text issues.

Wow, I had no idea that this is only a relatively recent development and that an update for the 10th anniversary really messed up the reviews for not only spacing but also for special characters.

I really hope this gets fixed soon.

It's kinda baffling that an issue like this would slip through the cracks. Game reviews are just one aspect of the GOG user experience but seemingly small things such as customer reviews do get shown to a lot of eyes, and therefore are representative of GOG as a whole, whethere GOG chooses to acknowledge it as a big deal or not.

I was thinking about this issue and if it would translate into lost sales. Would it count for anything?

Well, I certainly can't make an informed comment about this specifically. However, in terms of personal experience and time spent reading GOG reviews and sticking around the store, I can tell you about my habits in giving up on reading GOG reviews. I will find the same game on another platform and read the reviews there instead.

So, I'm hoping that in considering this perspective that GOG can promptly resolve this issue for the benefit of its customers and longevity of the platform.
Whitespace for readability is something I'm also hoping to see return. Its removal made me stop writing reviews due to how awful they now look.

slamdunk: Better formatting would be cool! a big run on paragraph isn't the easiest thing to parse. Even so, content wise, I do very much like the relatively low amount of meme and troll reviews on GOG compared to other services. One thing I'd love however is the ability to edit reviews and adjust star ratings without writing to support. I get that that's kind of baked in to the store front though. My opinions often change over time, sometimes within minutes of writing a review, lol...
I agree, being able to edit reviews would be nice.
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hypercybermegatron: I've noticed that when writing GOG reviews all paragraphs are reduced to a single body of text. I always try include paragraphs in my reviews rather than a wall of text to improve readability.

This is probably something that GOG isn't too concerned about, however I think that allowing GOG users to make their reviews more readable would in turn improve the user experience and result in more game sales.

Just my 2 cents.
Ashleee: It's true that currently line/paragraph spacing is not supported in game reviews :(

I agree this feature should be added!
Everything about the game reviews and the forum needs to be redone, Like what the gwent forums are like but instead of red points they should be blue points they even have emoticons and media integration with their forums over there which is sorely lacking here, But why?

Get some of them to help you redo the forums and game reviews here, Please.
There has to be some type of crossover?

It would make everyone very happy, Me included.

Is it just me or is this forum is getting SLOWER for some reason?!?
Most of the time, I just want to rate a game without writing a review.
You don't seem to know how GOG "works", eh? Saying this because you're surprised that such a thing happened, and perhaps even more so that you expect it to be fixed soon, or even that "formal" acknowledgement would in any way imply something actually being done.
DoomSooth: Most of the time, I just want to rate a game without writing a review.
So what's stopping you? The star rating is a separate thing from review. Just click on the number of stars before the "write a review" link. What's more, if you just rate without reviewing, you can change your rating, while if you rate as part of a review, being unable to change the review also means being unable to change the rating.
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